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Updated 07/06/2018

Service: 246 Musgrave Street,
Berserker, Rockhampton North 4701

Administration: 57 High Street,
Berserker, Rockhampton North, 4701

Postal Address: P O Box 5191
Red Hill, Rockhampton North,
Queensland 4701 Australia.

E-mail: highauto@bigpond.net.au
Web: www.carservicing.com.au

Tel: 07 49261303 all hours
Fax: 07 49280105

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We note that some people like to discover more about Highways when they arrive at our Contact Page. There are two menu systems with one directly above this text. Given that Highways have been servicing the good people of Berserker, Rockhampton and what is often known as North Rockhampton since the year 1966. To put that in time perspective, that is when the Rolling Stones delivered their first big hit. Do you remember the name of that song? Ring Steve on 07 49261303, give him the correct answer and he'll give you 50% discount off your next service.

Remember Highways were the first auto electrician shop at North Rockhampton. Highway Auto trained all the competing auto electricians in Rockhampton and Berserker and one in Park Avenue. Highways are the only auto electrical specialist who has employed a female apprentice auto electrician who has now left after graduating.

The humble tasks of an auto electrician include hooking up and wiring trailer plugs to utility trailers, Caravans Motor Homes, Campers and all manner of vehicles that you are likely to want to tow. Highways operates as a multi specialty car repair facility. However Highway Auto Electrics as we were often known were the first automotive repair business to develop Electronic Control System diagnosis capabilities. That means when your car computer or ECU as it’s often known has a problem there are hundreds of metres of car electric wiring to be scoured for what may be causing the problem. Thankfully we have lots of electronic diagnosis tools and code readers to make this fault finding task quicker and more accurate in terms of the most accurate diagnosis of all electrical and electronic systems which includes everything from the check engine light on the dash to the electronic brake controller. These electronic control systems manage your car's most fundamental functions right down to checking tail light bulbs and wiring. If its about car or 4X4 electrical systems or electronic control systems bring your problems to the most advanced diagnostic facility in Queensland,bring it to Highway Auto at 246 Musgrave Street Berserker, Rockhampton North.