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Car Battery Shop Rockhampton

Delkor Battery Sales Rockhampton

Delkor Batteries From Highway Auto Rockhampton for all Vehicles

Can you depend on your car battery?

You can have a FREE battery check and we will make sure your battery is holding a full charge and performing at its maximum capacity. The FREE battery check includes:
  • Battery load test at Rockhampton depot
  • Golf Cart battery by Trojan and Fullriver
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • 8 volt deep cycle battery Trojan and Fullriver
  • Battery diagnostic testing with state-of-the-art equipment
  • A written report of your test results
  • We install your battery free
  • Battery sales Car and 4X4 Rockhampton depot
  • You will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle will start, anytime, anywhere
  • If your battery needs to be replaced, we will walk you through what battery is right for you and will not do any work until you give us the go ahead

  • Clicking? Slow Crank? Is it time for a new car battery?

    It is so important to feel confident when going to start your car because being stranded is not an option.
    So watch for these key warning signs that your car or 4X4 is in need of a replacement battery. Shop at Highway Auto for new batteries or make an appointment now for testing and evaluation of your car or 4WD battery.
    • Slow engine crank
    • Terminal corrosion
    • Leaking battery
    • Battery warning light is on

    • Car Battery Test

      If it is not your car battery it could be something else. These common indicators could mean there is something wrong with your car starting and charging system:

      • Dash alternator indicator light on
      • Squealing engine drive belt noise
      • Sluggish battery or no cranking
      • Clicking or grinding noise from starter motor on start

      Know your car starting and charging system.

      Car Starter and Alternator

      Auto Electric Components That Could Fail

      • Alternator drive belt
      • Alternator
      • Battery cable terminals
      • Battery Cables
      • Engine starter motor
      • Voltage regulator

      Get a good Running Start

      Starting your vehicle is one thing, but keeping it running properly is another.
      With a starting and charging system evaluation you can avoid a malfunction within this system. This evaluation includes: Cleaning and inspecting cable ends and the battery to ensure a full charge Inspection of fan/alternator and serpentine drive belt for signs of wear and proper adjustment if needed

      Get in Contact for a FREE evaluation now or go to our other site about Batteries


      www.highwayautoelectrics.com.au/stop start batteries

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