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Caravan & Motorhome Electrics, Caravan Solar Panels, Caravan Battery Sales, Caravan Battery Rockhampton, Caravan Wiring Electrics,Caravan Brakes, AGM Deep Cycle Batteries, Highway Auto Electrics.

fit caravan solar panels

Highway Auto Rockhampton diagnose and repair Caravan, Motor Home electric wiring, Solar and Batteries

Wheel bearings, Brakes, Springs, safety inspection

  • Caravan and Motor Home Solar 12 volt battery and power solutions.
  • AGM deep cycle battery Rockhampton.
  • Caravan and RV electrical repairs Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Auto Electrician Rockhampton.
  • Batteries all types for all Caravans and Motor Homes Rockhampton.
  • Battery Test plus evaluation Free Rockhampton.
  • Caravan and trailer Brake Service and Repair Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Brake Service and Diagnostics Rockhampton
  • Caravan heating and Air conditioning Systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan and Motor Home Easy Parking at Highways Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Solar electric problems solved Rockhampton..
  • Car and Caravan Air-conditioning Service and Install Rockhampton.
  • Caravan video systems install and repair Rockhampton.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnosis and Support Rockhampton.
  • Caravan and Motor Home Electronic Control Systems Rockhampton.
  • Electrical Systems all vehicles Rockhampton.
  • Car Electrical and Electronic Systems Diagnosis and Repair Rockhampton.
  • New car and Motor Home Warranty approved Servicing Rockhampton.
  • Radiator and Cooling Systems Repair Rockhampton.
  • Caravan and Motor Home Steering and Suspension Rockhampton.
  • Latest in automotive diagnostic and auto electrical systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Solar Panel fitters, the neatest ever technicians Rockhampton.
fit caravan solar panels Mercedes Benz Sprinter models and upward Motor Home Specialists. All Mercedes Electric Repairs and specialised Diagnostics

Get the best diagnostics, service and advice for your Mercedes Benz. We won't tell you to replace a part and see if that fixes the problem. Have you heard that one before? Expensive isn't it?

Does your Mercedes go into "limp home mode" that's no fun at all. Bring your Mercedes Benz problems to Highway Auto and pay only for results you can bank.

Solar Panel Solutions for all Caravans and Motor Homes Rockhampton

Highway Auto will evaluate your requirements, suggest a best case set of Solar Panels and voltage regulator to match your electrical loads. Free camping is no fun when the lights go out and the fridge stops too. Here's some of what we can do for you:
  • Caravan electrical rewire Rockhampton.
  • Supply and fit Solar Panels and Voltage Regulators Rockhampton.
  • Change out your old Caravan lighting system for LED battery savers Rockhampton.
  • Modernise and update your Caravan battery storage and charging options Rockhampton.
  • Caravan 3 way refrigerator supply systems to use on the move Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Breakaway control and monitoring systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Electric brake control systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Battery charge and capacity monitoring systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan Battery isolate and leakage protection systems Rockhampton.
  • Additional Caravan power outlets Rockhampton.
  • Supply and install Caravan 12 volt to 240 volt Electric Inverter Systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan refrigerator condenser forced air exhaust for better cooling Rockhampton.
  • Caravan alarm systems Rockhampton.
  • Caravan water pumps repairs installed Rockhampton.
  • Caravan external lighting plus Upgrade to Powerful headlights Rockhampton.
  • Caravan rear lighting in LED for road safety Rockhampton.
  • All caravan electric wiring and electrical appliances fitting and repair Rockhampton.
  • Caravan 12 volt electric lighting upgrade and repair Rockhampton.
  • Delkor and Fullriver AGM deep cycle caravan battery sales Rockhampton

  • Solar Panels for all mounting situations fixed rooftop and portable Solar Rockhampton.

    caravan and motor home Solar Panel Fit

    Highway Auto Rockhampton. For Caravan Electrics - Solar Panels - RV Wiring - RV Batteries

    caravan, motor home, RV wiring and electrics

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Driving from North to South on the Bruce Highway stay in the left lane (no right turn please) and merge into Musgrave Street at the large shopping centre known as Stockland Rockhampton. you will find Highway Auto some 500 metres on your left opposite The Shopping complex. Go past Clifton Street and look for our driveway at the pink picket fence just before High Street and one driveway before the Car Wash. This is the best entrance for heavier vehicles and caravans.

Arriving from South to North follow the highway over the "new bridge" stay in the right lane and look for the High street turn to your right. Follow High Street over Musgrave St and after 50 metres look left for our driveway alongside the pink house, its one driveway past the Car Wash. Light vehicles only please and don't try to tow anything larger that a trailer into the High St entrance. If you overshoot carry on down High St turn left at Ford St and left again at Clifton which puts you in Musgrave St, Proceed along Musgrave St and look for our driveway at the pink picket fence just before High Street and one driveway before the Car Wash.

Google's Better Location system: Go to Google Maps and type in 246 Musgrave street Rockhampton. You should get a clear presentation of the road system and our location marked by the Google balloon. There is a picture of Highway Auto in the lower left Google window - scroll down to see it. If all else fails our Geo Coordinates are: Latitude: -23.357666. Longitude: 150.52364.


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The joy of free camping and being able to roam as you like often comes back to comfortable surroundings. Who wants to rough it on bush tracks when a modern fully equipped caravan, camper or Motor Home will provide comfort and some luxury. Free camping these days means that you have electric power from the sun and this translates to the caravan refrigerator, lighting and caravan heating. Many Motor Homes use the diesel fuel to burn in a very efficient heating system. This requires 12 volt battery power to run the fans incorporated in the motor home ventilation ducting system. Highways can repair and install electric wiring and appliances with guaranteed best quality.

The choice of Caravan battery banks and the way you charge them is a matter of how long you want to be away from plugging into the mains to charge your batteries.
A correctly designed Caravan house battery bank along with a DC/AC inverter can deliver all the comforts of home. Naturally the batteries need to be charged and when under way and hooked up to the tow vehicle then the surplus output from the car or 4X4 alternator can be directed to the house battery bank via a constant duty solenoid or some may call them relays. The idea of this is to disconnect the caravan battery system from the power source of the tow vehicle once the car engine stops, the alternator or vehicle electrics are no longer needed and there is always the risk of running the tow vehicle battery flat.

Caravan Solar Panels when correctly installed and configured into the caravan's electrical system are mostly a trouble free way of keeping the caravan or Motor Home batteries well charged and in good condition.

Caravan Solar Panel fitting for special applications along with the best case 12 volt electric wiring plan is a specialty of Highway Auto located at 246 Musgrave Street, Rockhampton North, Queensland Au. Your Caravan will get the best care and attention whilst it is in the care of Highways. The large parking area makes it a breeze to manoeuvre and park your caravan or Motor home.

Bring your Caravan or Motor home to Highway Auto for repairs and service. Highways offer electric wiring repair and upgrade services also supply and fit Solar Panels and solar system voltage regulators. We offer a free design and consulting service to enable you to get the best performance from your Caravan electrical appliances. Free camping will be so much easier with powerful and up to date Solar and 12 volt to 240 volt electrical systems. --.