Qualified technicians Auto Electricians | Car Mechanics | Car Wiring | Car Air-conditioning Repairs Regas | Rockhampton (07)4926 1303.

Auto Electricians | Car Mechanics | Car Wiring | Car Air-conditioning Repairs Regas | Rockhampton (07)4926 1303.


Highways diagnose and repair car electric wiring and computer diagnostics.

Highways' employ a staff of 11, with multiple trade qualifications and have a collective total of 181 years automotive engineering experience, these people attend regular technical training where they update on the latest model vehicles to ensure the required level of expertise to deal with any make any model. Be in no doubt, we have the answers for your automotive problems, we know exactly what to do with car electrical and electronic control systems.

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The Best Kind of Relationships.

We know from experience that our customers like to speak with the person who does the job or supervises it closely so you will deal with the same person from start to finish and then with follow-up events if required. Our promise to you: You will never be put in a telephone que and your call will be answered promptly, personally every time.

Our qualified senior mechanics and experienced technicians will use the best quality parts, and world class oils and fluids when servicing your car. We back our quality guarantee with a 12-month 20,000 warranty on new parts and a lifetime workmanship guarantee*. Get started today by browsing the range of car servicing options available at Highway Auto Rockhampton (07) 4926 1303.

Auto Electrical Services Rockhampton:

  • Auto Electricians Rockhampton.

  • Batteries for all vehicles Rockhampton.

  • Battery Test Free Roclhampton.

  • Brake Repair Rockhampton.

  • Brake Fluid Exchange Rockhampton.

  • Coolant Exchange Rockhampton.

  • Car services.

  • Car Air-conditioning Install Rockhampton.

  • Check Engine Warning Light Fix Rockhampton.

  • Timing belt replacement fix Rockhampton.
  • Electronic Engine Control Systems Rockhampton.

  • Car Electrical Systems Diagnosis and Repair Rocky.

  • New car servicing Warranty approved Rockhampton.

  • Radiator and Cooling Systems Repair Rockhampton.

  • Car Steering and Suspension Repairs Rockhampton.

  • Latest in automotive diagnostic and auto electrical systems.

  • New steering and suspension parts fitted.

Some DIY Maintenance Hints

If you don’t have your car serviced as the maker suggests then some basic DIY maintenance can help hold off the eventual maintenance and repairs you will be facing. This list of basic checks may lower the risk of your car breaking down.

Check your lights and wipers are working and glass surfaces are clean. Make sure the handbrake is in working order, and all seatbelts are locking correctly. Verify your tyres are pumped to the right pressure. You can do this at any petrol station offering complimentary tyre inflators. Do a visual check of your tyres at the same time to check for damage.

You should also check your engine oil levels weekly and do regular checks of automatic transmission fluid, radiator coolant, and brake and clutch fluid levels. In newer cars, you might not need to do some of these checks as sensors will alert you if anything needs topping up or replacing. Check your owner’s manual for more information about DIY basics that keep your car in reliable condition.

By enrolling with Highway Auto as an intending customer you may be eligible for these checks to be done free of charge. However, when your car is serviced and maintained correctly, you could save money, get better petrol mileage, extend the life of your car, and avoid the unnecessary stress of car troubles.

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