Brake fluid flush Rating

Brake Fluid Flush - Every 24 Months

Brake fluid has a max life of 24 months under normal conditions, if you’re towing caravans and trailers, it’s important to replace your brake fluid more regularly.

It's essential to replace your brake fluid more regularly as the heavy braking that occurs under these conditions can lead to faster breakdown of your brake fluid and eventual total brake failure.

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Brake fluid is “hydroscopic” which means it naturally absorbs moisture that’s present in the air at all times. The absorption rate is around 2 to 3% per year in areas with normal atmospheric pressure. That rate can climb even higher in areas of humid climate. Moisture is also absorbed through microscopic pores in brake hoses, seams, joints and seals. There is no way to avoid moisture absorption.

As brake fluid absorbs more and more water, it will begin to boil at lower and lower temperatures. Remember that brakes work by converting energy - forward motion - into friction, which is dissipated as heat. The heat in the pads and rotors eventually makes its way to the brake fluid in the hoses and lines. The water content converts to steam as the generated heat rises, at that point you lose your brakes because the steam generated is compressible.

While water in the brake system is the main reason brake fluid flushes are performed, the hygroscopic nature of brake fluid actually proves helpful in preventing other types of problems. For example, if brake fluid was not hygroscopic, water (which is heavier by weight) would pool together in pockets and gravitate to lower areas in the system such as the brake calipers. This would create a more serious corrosion problem, and those pockets of water would boil much sooner than when water is dispersed evenly throughout all of the fluid.

Obviously, having BRAKES that function properly is something that every driver considers a priority. Here’s more information on how your brakes should be safely manufactured, fitted, serviced and know the use by date of your brake fluid.

See more information on BRAKES and get good advice on your needs.

Why Fresh Brake Fluid is Important:

Brake fluid being replaced Your car’s braking system has four brake rotors. These are what brake pads clamp down on to stop your vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t need four legs to press on four brake pedals at the same time!

That’s because brake fluid applies that pressure for you. It converts your energy of “pressing down on the brake pedal” into the force required to squeeze all four brake rotors. Which — you guessed it — stops your car as it's designed to do.

What Is a Brake Fluid Flush?

A brake fluid flush is an exchange of old, contaminated fluid for clean fluid. The exchange occurs by bleeding out the old fluid with a power flush machine and adding new fluid. This process is important to preventative maintenance. If you want to stop your car from having reduced braking power and prevent corrosion of your baking system, a brake fluid flush is the best thing to do.

Beware of brake fluid contamination.

Brake fluid is one of the most important but least considered fluids in the car.

The brake fluid used in most cars looks like oil, but it's quite different, and completely incompatible with oil. Brake fluid is very sensitive to contamination and something as simple as dipping an oily finger into a brake fluid reservoir will contaminate the system, potentially causing brake failure.

Heat generated by the brakes can cause water-logged fluid to boil, resulting in sudden and unexpected brake failure. It must therefore be changed at regular intervals.

Use only new brake fluid from a sealed container, once opened it absorbes moisture and is therefore contaminated.

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