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Our radiator specialists will assess the condition of your car’s radiator and cooling system. Sometimes all a radiator needs is a good clean out to restore your vehicle’s cooling performance. If any problems are diagnosed, we’ll determine whether your car’s radiator needs replacing or repairing you will get a full report with a quote to repair.
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The difference Between a Coolant ‘Flush’ and a ‘Drain & Fill’?

Coolant is designed to perform a number of different jobs. It keeps your engine cool so that it doesn’t overheat, and also keeps your engine from freezing into a big brick of ice in the winter. It also keeps the seals and gaskets soft and supple so they are less likely to get brittle and leak, and has anti-corrosive properties in the fluid that protect the metal pieces of the engine from corroding.

Just like your oil breaks down over time, so does your coolant. After about 2 years or 40,000 km (for most cars), the coolant starts to lose its ability to protect your engine the way it was designed to. Thus, the coolant service. The purpose of servicing your coolant is to get the old stuff out and the new stuff in so that it can protect your engine the way it was intended to. For additional information about keeping your car cool visit this link: About your car's cooling system.

A Drain & Fill does just what is sounds like, no cleaning takes place.

The coolant is drained from the radiator, and filled back up with a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water. Shops have been servicing cooling systems this way for years. While this has been a traditional and accepted way of servicing a cooling system, it isn’t necessarily the most effective because the old coolant is only removed from the radiator – not the other parts of the cooling system such as the engine block and hoses. Coolant Flush

Cooling system clean and flush.

A Coolant Flush is another way of servicing a cooling system that provides a more thorough cleaning and a more complete exchange of fluid. We first add a chemical to the cooling system that helps remove any debris that has built up in the system (rust, corrosion, etc), and then we use a machine that moves the old, dirty coolant out, and replaces it with a brand new suitable mix of coolant and water.

The fluid moves through the cooling system at the same speed at which it would go through it under normal operating conditions so it won’t damage your engine. With the extra equipment and chemicals required for this clean and flush service, you will find that this service is more expensive than the typical Drain & Fill. Our recommendation? The added expense is worth it – you’ll get a more effective cleaning of the system, and your cooling system will be better protected in the long run and save you some serious dollars in repairs or in the extreme a new engine.


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