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Caravan Solar Panels & Batteries

Caravan solar power usually consist of two solar panels with associated wiring and battery management system which permits battery charging from the tow vehicle.

Most modern caravans or motor homes come pre-installed with a 12 volt or 24 volt battery system. These systems are generally charged by the vehicle's alternator while the engine is running and often utilise a 240-volt battery charger to maintain the battery when connected to the grid.

However, in a remote location (like most National Parks) 240V is generally not available so you will need an alternative power supply. Often running a generator or the engine is the only way to re-charge the batteries which of course destroys the desired benefit of camping remotely. Mounted Solar panels are the ideal way to keep your batteries charged while enjoying the serenity of nature.

Our Mounted Solar Panels are custom designed and manufactured using A-grade solar cells sourced from major brands such as Bosch (German made), Kyocera (Japanese made), and Sharp Solar cells. All of our panels are constructed with heavy duty hail proof glass, anodised aluminium frames (guaranteed not to rust) and come with a 25-year performance warranty as standard.

Your caravan, motor home or camper trailer are for pleasure and enjoyment so whether you intend a short getaway or heading off to the centre or doing the loop, it is essential to have an efficient power supply. You may wish to run refrigeration, audio, lights, pumps, phone and laptop chargers, a television or a 12 volt fan. These items determine the size of the system that is right for you. Solar panels are available in different sizes – the larger the panel size or area, the greater the electrical output.

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Deep Cycle Caravan Batteries

There are three main types of Deep Cycle Batteries used for running appliances in a caravan, RV or Camper Trailer. These are: Gel, AGM and Lithium.

caravan solar panels and batteries

Lead Acid Batteries

Gel and AGM are both Lead Acid caravan batteries. These are a traditional type of Deep cycle battery, with a typical size being around 100 to 120 amp hours. A lead acid battery can be charged down to about 50% of its capacity before it needs to be recharged. This is referred to as “Depth of Discharge” So, a typical 200Amp hour lead acid battery bank contains 100 usable Amp Hours.

A 200 Amp Hour Lead Acid Battery bank weighs around 50Kg, which is quite heavy compared to the latest in Lithium.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries are gaining serious popularity in modern caravan power system installations. A lithium battery has a Depth of Discharge of almost 80%. So, A 200 Amp Hour lithium battery provides 160 usable amp hours before it needs to be recharged. Lithium batteries are half the weight of Lead Acid Caravan Batteries and take up a much smaller foot print.

The Lithium range also comes with an internal Battery Management System or BMS. The BMS will monitor each cell within the battery and is designed to protect the battery from over charge, over discharge, over temperature and short circuit. Due to the internal BMS, the Lithium Batteries are unable to be connected in Parallel to increase overall capacity.

The main reason to choose a Lead Acid caravan battery is price. They are extremely affordable. A good quality, sealed, 100 Amp Bosch AGM batteries will cost under $300 each. If weight and space are not an issue, you can keep connecting batteries in parallel to increase the overall battery capacity.
Bosch battery bank gel batteries

What is your ideal battery bank?

Anyone towing a Caravan, Camper Trailer or Boat is going to want to minimize battery weight and size as much as possible. So that is why so many people are pulling out 3 or 4 lead acid batteries and upgrading to one 200Amp ePower Bosch Lithium Battery from Highway Auto Batteries. Contact Us, Find Us, Get a Quote, Make a Booking

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