Caravan Solar Panels, Batteries, Electrics & Brakes

Obviously, having brakes that function properly is something that every driver considers a priority. What you may not be aware of is the critical function that correct suspension plays in vehicle control and braking efficiency. This is a factor in safe towing also.

car suspension springs and shocker new tyre

Tyres, Brakes and Suspension

This trio is what you rely on to stop when you apply the brakes. On the surface you may think that suspension wear and tear will only impact on your ride and comfort but the real danger is when the suspension loses its ability to keep your tyres in constant contact with the road and particularly on wet roads, you then become an accident waiting to happen.

Be aware of these suspension early warning signs

Any of the following justify a Suspension checkup:

  • Caravan not sitting level when parked

  • Uneven tyre wear

  • Abnormal noises when driving

  • Vehicle heights indicate spring problems

  • Steering pulls one way

  • Excessive body roll on corners
  • A lot of suspension bouncing when you drive

  • Steering pulls when braking

  • Poor handling

  • Steering wheel off centre

  • Vibrations when driving

  • Suspension diving under braking

Keeping your suspension safe

Get a Suspension Performance and Safety Checkup:

  • Check for uneven tyre wear.

  • Vehicle heights side to side.

  • Condition of shock absorbers (make sure they aren’t leaking and do control the bounce of the spring).

  • Condition of suspension bushes (whether they are cracked, torn or have excessive movement).

  • Check general suspension system wear.
  • Power steering system (condition of fluid, noisy pump, check for leaks, check drive belt for cracks, condition of hoses).

  • Check Tie rod ends, rack ends and ball joints for play/wear.

  • Check for noises/play in wheel bearings.

  • Check condition of brake system (pads, discs, shoes, brake fluid).


Is Your Caravan Due For a Brake and Suspension Check-up?

If your caravan is due for a service, or you’d like to ensure your vehicle is safe, then call us on (07) 4926 1303 to book a service, and get a quote for your vehicle.
car wheel with suspension and brake disc

Caravan Brake and Wheel Inspection


Most popular vehicles for our suspension checkup

  • BMW

  • Daihatsu

  • Datsun

  • Ford

  • Holden, Honda, Hyuandi

  • Isuzu

  • Kia
  • Mazda

  • Mitsubishi

  • Nissan

  • Subaru

  • Suzuki

  • Toyota

  • Volkswagen

Common brake and suspension problems, the warning signs

  • A spongy brake pedal.

  • A grinding sound when you depress the brake pedal.

  • Squealing brakes.

  • The car pulling to one side when you brake.
  • The brake warning light illuminating.

  • Brake fluid level dropping.

  • The brake pedal being hard to press.