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About Highway Auto Care Rockhampton

Highway Auto Care is your local premium service centre for all European, Japanese and Australian built vehicles at Rockhampton.

Established for over 54 years, we offer you a team of highly skilled and qualified Mechanics, Auto Electricians and Auto Air-conditioning Technicians. We aim to provide you with the very best in automotive servicing, with many years of research, knowledge and experience.

We are able to handle any automotive problem, no matter how big or small, we will be able to assist with your needs and wants for your vehicle, providing both great service and competitive pricing.

Highway Auto Care is a local Aussie family owned business which opened in 1966 under the trade name Highway Auto Electrics. Since that era we have registered various trading names so as to better express our multi-specialty automotive repair and servicing business.

To ensure we have continuity of skilled staff we operate an in house training division educating in excess of 58 apprentices in the three automotive specialist trades.


Why Choose Us?

When you service with Highway Auto Care Rockhampton, you will have the confidence in knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by Super Skilled Technicians using genuine or quality brand name parts. No one knows your vehicle better that us when we enroll you and your car for your super special Custom Service Plan.

Latest Diagnostics Equipment

Mechanic Mario
We employ the latest technology which has been specifically designed to include your vehicle, and backed by the Highway Auto Care Global Technical Support Team.

Quality Vehicle Servicing

Auto Repair
Routine checking always makes good sense – whether you intend to keep on driving the same car or to ensure a good re-sale value at some point in the future.

Only Genuine & Best Brand Parts

Mechanic Sam
We source genuine parts directly from the manufacturer. Also available are the same parts in plain packaging which are cheaper. We do exercise caution here as plain wrap look alike parts are made in some countries and may do serious damage to your vehicle. Only compare the price of apples with real apples.
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