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The Best New Car Services Mechanics are at HAE Rockhampton

Know your car has the best attention with premium oils and fluids beyond manufacturers' basics. Specialist Mechanics & Technicians' skills will cost you less.

HAE Best Practice Servicing minimises wear and expense. Your new Car Warranty Does Not Cover Wear. Have the ultimate Service with personal care for your New Car. Your New Car Service is Warranty Safe with full manufacturers compliance.

Visit – Home Page for CAR AIR CONDITIONING repairs Have a look at CAC Aircon, The specialised car A/C site, best quality, cheaper and faster.

Car Repairs Interest Free Flexible Easy Payment Options

Zip Pay -- Fix it NOW with Easy Payment Plans or Fix it now, PAY LATER with -- HUMM
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We specialise in New Car Logbook Servicing, General Servicing & Maintenance, Brake & Clutch Repairs, Computer Diagnostics, Cooling System Repairs all at the agreed price. How to pay less


Minor car servicing at Highway Auto focuses on the smaller things around your vehicle before they become more prominent, expensive problems.

A Major car service looks at everything and ensures that safety, reliability and future untroubled life of your vehicle.

Our Custom car servicing plan is tailored to how you use your vehicle. This plan covers low mileage and extended time between services to the extreme of high-speed long distances between services.

Fleet servicing fast. Our Fleet Servicing plans are adapted to how your fleet vehicles are used and with consideration to the vehicle's operating environment.

How to pay less, Lock In To Our Agreed Price Servicing Plans


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car air-conditioning repairs & servicing at Rockhampton


If your car's air-conditionerisn't cooling as it should, call and book in for a free quote, we'll let you know what needs fixing and how much it will cost before we start any work. But, of course, you will always pay less for our agreed price services.



If your air-conditioner has failed, it is most likely a result of insufficient refrigerant gas.

If the gas is low, there is a leak in the system. First, we identify the leak before the system can be recharged with gas.

You will get an air-conditioner health checklist that explains the areas we have checked and tested, along with recommendations for restoring your air-conditioner to good-as-new condition.


The refrigerant gas will slowly leak out of the A/C system at a rate of 10% per year, making your system gradually less efficient until it finally stops working.

If it's been a while since you had your air-conditioner looked at or are planning a road trip this summer, take advantage of our agreed-price aircon service special. We'll ensure it's in excellent condition so you can stay cool all summer!


The pollen filter filters out more than just pollen – it stops dust & debris, pollution and odours from entering the cabin and clogging up the evaporator/heater coil. Breathe easy!

Air conditioning is essential to our driving comfort these days, ensuring a pleasant and healthy environment. So, it's a nuisance to turn on the aircon and find that it's not cooling or filtering as effectively as you would like. A poorly maintained system may even contribute to a less-than-wholesome atmosphere in the cabin. The answer is a yearly air conditioning service.

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car electrical & auto electrics Rockhampton


Modern cars are now more electronic than mechanical, you benefit dealing with us, a specialist auto repairer with skills to deal with all systems at a fair price. How to pay less


A simple battery check from Highway Auto Electrics will help you avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery.

The problem with car batteries is that they can deteriorate without showing signs of impending failure. Often, the first thing you know about the problem is when your car finally fails to start – maybe at the most inconvenient of times. That's an excellent reason to get a periodic battery check.

When your car is serviced at Highway Auto, we comprehensively test your battery. If you suspect your battery is getting a little sluggish at any time in between services, we invite you to pop in for a free battery check-up.

car electrical & auto electrics Rockhampton


Many cars are easily stolen when the car’s keys are left in accessible places; therefore, consider that as step one in securing your vehicle.

Next, intelligent thieves will construct a device that can override the vehicle’s engine immobiliser.

Highway Auto can install a device that prevents immobiliser override.

We can demonstrate additional on-vehicle measures you can take to ensure a thief will never start the engine of your vehicle.



Late-model cars have an engine immobiliser, so you should feel safe. Sadly potential car thieves can go to social media and learn how to neutralise the OEM immobiliser. We do not publish how our Engine Lock functions – however, it prevents thieves from starting the engine.

If you were to leave your car long-term, we can advise you of additional steps you can take to secure your vehicle from thieves. Talk to Steve about the ultimate security for your car and How to pay less.

Stop paying too much for your car repairs and servicing!


Ask for your Custom Servicing Plan Best Suited to How You Use Your Car

Do you care about your car? Do you want the ultimate road safety for you and your family? If that's a "Yes, Yes," then you would be aware that your car requires periodical inspections along with those components having a use-by-date either replaced or replenished.

Several fluids have a limited life. Your brake fluid lasts around two years but should be tested occasionally for security. Your power steering fluid is the same for two years, and your radiator coolant should last for two years but not constantly, so have it tested along with the above. Last but not least, your engine and transmission oil and oil filter are the lifeblood of your engine. Diesel engines have additional lubrication requirements.

Why Servicing Your Car is Essential. Be safe and increase your resale value.

The baseline specifications for car servicing begin at six months or 10,000 km. If you use your car for frequent long trips with no stop-start city driving, the requirements may vary from a low-mileage car with short trips with lots of stop-start city driving. The common denominator in either of these situations is the need for safety inspection.

Today cars are more electronic than mechanical, which means brakes, steering and many more critical components rely on the car's electrical systems for reliability and safe driving. Highway Auto pioneered electronic diagnostic procedures, so we are well-placed to plan which service is best for your vehicle. Ring Steve for more information and costing - (07) 4926 1303.



Who is best to service your new car? Of course, it's your car and your choice, so here are some tips to help you decide: Highway Auto was established in 1966; it's the second-generation family-owned and the original creator of car computer diagnostic systems—the first to establish a complete car air-conditioning facility with the ultimate in environmental regulatory compliance.

Your car dealer wants your new car servicing business because that's the primary source of income. So the dealer uses tricks like Capped Price and Fixed Price to ease you into believing you will pay less. With prices rising weekly, you could ask how a capped or fixed fee would apply. Would the dealer skimp on input quality? Would the dealer rush the job through to save labour costs?


The dedicated and highly skilled tradespeople at Highway Auto will better serve Your New Car with original equipment spares and the very best brands of premium oils and fluids. In addition, when you commit to bringing your vehicle to Highways for its regular services, you will enjoy all cost saving at the agreed price with a lifetime quality guarantee.

Remember, your new car warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not general wear and tear. So, if your vehicle is serviced appropriately and on time, wear is kept to a minimum.

After all, Servicing Your Car is about preventative maintenance or paying for something not to happen.

You can feel content that your new car is receiving the ultimate care and attention with personnel maintaining the strictest hygiene standards.

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