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The cabin air filter is there to trap and therefore minimise toxins, bacteria, virus and odours in your car, so it needs to be serviced for the health of you and your family. The bonus here is more air is permitted to pass the evaporator fins thus improving the air-conditioner's efficiency.
One of the most frequent causes of functional problems in the car air-conditioning system are leaks in the refrigerant circuit. These lead to an unnoticed drop in refrigerant filling level and thus to a reduction in performance or even complete failure of the air-conditioning system. 
Your car air conditioner evaporator soaks the heat from the cabin air. Its fins must remain clean so as to make cold air again and avoid bad odours and spread of viruses. No guessing, you get a good job at a good price.

Got an unpleasant odour through your A/C vents? Our Bactigas Treatment is one solution to eliminate it. However this is not the best fix for every situation because if your evaporator fins are clogged with a "compost heap" of rubbish then the only fix is to remove the evaporator and clean it manually.
When your car air conditioner compressor fails there is no way back, your air con system needs to be flushed to be rid of the abrasive metallic particles: While we carry most compressors brand new and on the shelf, there are some compressors from the classic era or very late model vehicles that are not yet available to the aftermarket industry, and in this case, a remanufactured unit will save you time and money!
The car air-conditioner condenser is mounted in front of the radiator, the compressor discharges the refrigerant gas to it, so as to give off heat to the air flow. Its very important to have the condenser cleaned so as to allow maximum airflow through it's fins thus maximising the efficiency of your air-conditioner.
If the source of a strange odor exists near or inside your car, then your air conditioner essentially channels that smell straight through your vents and into your face! The Evaporator is the likely source, Its fins must remain clean so as to make cold air again and avoid bad odours and spread of viruses.
The Evaporator is located under the dash and out of sight. Often overlooked in an air-conditioner service are the evaporator drain tubes. We always clean your evaporator drains.
Car Air-conditioning is a system used to create and maintain a comfortable driving environment inside a vehicle. It does this by transferring the heat from inside a vehicle to the outside keeping the temperature down inside the car. The system cools, dries and cleans the air.
Like many complicated stories, there’s never one simple answer. A/C systems are a fickle breed. Your best bet is to have us inspect your system for any of the following listed symptoms.